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International Speaker. Inspirational Author. Deena Ebbert is Propellergirl.
Through laughter, contemplation, learning, and collaboration, Deena provokes the momentum that keeps the energy going, so that over time and distance, we’ve got sustainable success.

Oh man… She rocked it!

…captivating, funny, serious, real…

…the best speaker they’ve ever heard….EVER!!!

Choose Your Attitude – 4 Steps to Ditch the Drama

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Attitude is adhesive; the choices we make regarding our state of mind invariably impact those around us.  There are days we wake in a rush, haphazardly slap on some attitude,…

Be Perfect? Be You. 10 Fave Quotes on Authenticity

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On the edge of a creative breakthrough, have you found yourself so spun up over the pursuit of perfection…that you simply…quit…?  Have you strangled a project in your death grip,…

Your Brain on Happy – Neurotransmitters and the FISH! Philosophy

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“Hardwired for happy” is more than my motto, it’s a scientific passion. Particularly, I’m fascinated by the four neurotransmitters commonly credited for relaying messages of happiness throughout the brain: Dopamine,…