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As of the early morning of January 5th, there is still quite a bit of confusion about where and when I’ll be staying. I refuse to be freaked out by this. All the travel I’ve been doing over the past few years, mixed with the knowledge that my hosts in Japan will be the consummate purveyors of attention to detail, assuages my fear that I’ll be camping out in a capsule hotel in the railway station. Plus, my agent Kris, who is nothing short of the most fantastic handler on the planet, has me well in hand. I’m completely full of adrenaline at the adventure of it all!

As information becomes available, I’ll update the list below, add dates and websites.
January 8 – 15
Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi in Tokyo

January 16 and 17
Hilton Nagoya

January 18 and 19
Ramada Osaka

January 20 and 21
Kyoto Century Hotel

January 22 to 24
Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto

January 25 and 26
Sakura Tower adjacent to
Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa inTokyo (pictured above)