October, 2013

Five Bold Steps to Zombie Inoculation

Zombie Invasion
I saw two on the street yesterday, slack jawed and shuffling shoulder-to-shoulder with vacant stares. Before I could blink a third zigzagged by on a bike. I slammed on the brakes. Aware. Scared.

I shouldn’t be surprised. We’ve watched the insouciant invasion ooze in. Zombies are all over the place.

I’m not talking predictable B-movie zombie or trendy pub-crawl zombie. I’m not talking classical theatrical zombie or even creepy make-you-scream haunted mansion zombie.

I’m talking terrifying regular everyday zombies. The zombies that walk among us. You know the ones. You see them too.
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Every Day is Your Big Audition

“Next!” I remember my worst audition.

I flew all the way to the Big Apple for it. I borrowed a way-better-than-my-best outfit for it. I gave my all for it. The critics gave me 15 seconds.

“Next!” A disenchanted shout from the dark. I was devastated.

That abrupt rejection caught me enough off guard to shift my perspective. I realized I was treating the audition as a rarefied moment, rather than a way of being. I was bringing my best, but only in small bursts. I decided if I cared enough to fly across the country and get rebuffed, I cared enough to go back home and get it right.
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Thanks a Million – on Gratitude

“What you do if someone gave you a million dollars?”

The Boy has been writing in his journal, doing his homework.  Deep in thought, but now he’s stumped. The Boy is nine.

The Boy is not my boy, but we’re on a friendly first-name basis. He’s half of my favorite father-son team, a couple of rough-and-tumble pulled-up-by-the-bootstraps fellas. They have quite a time, these two. Some tender, some tough-love. Sometimes I get to observe them make their way in the world.

The Boy repeats. “What you do if someone gave you a million dollars?”

Dad shifts his focus from the class he is teaching, focusing on his kid. “You asking me?” asks Dad.

“No. I’m asking me.” The Boy furrows his brow and considers his pencil.

“Well?” prods Dad, “What’s your first best answer?” Read more →