September, 2014

Self-Respect or Sit n’ Spin – 100 Day Challenge Diary

When I was a kid, I loved my Sit n’ Spin. I would sit on it. And spin. And spin and spin and spin and spin AND SPIN. One Thanksgiving, I spun around so much that I missed supper. You know why. Sitting in one place and doing nothing but staring at one’s navel is dizzying at best. And you don’t get anywhere fast.

This is the diary of my 100 Day Challenge of Self-Respect. I’m sick of sitting and spinning when I should be making a beeline for the finish line. My journey is inspired by Matthew Trinetti. Here is his diary; he’s worth a follow. For transparency’s sake, here’s my progress in the categories of “fitnessy” and “writerly“:

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100 Days of Self-Respect

Have you ever jaywalked? Taken a shortcut to get from here to there? Dashed in a flash out in front of traffic, only to slow the pace halfway across to an insouciant saunter? Like getting to the other side didn’t really matter?

I have.

My resolution at the beginning of 2014 was “To treat myself with the respect I deserve, and deserve the respect with which I treat myself.” A pretty phrase that got me a few attagirls early in the year.
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