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Productivity – Supercharge Your Snooze Button

The wake-up ritual. For some, it’s a good-morning cup of coffee. For others, knocking the alarm clock halfway across the room in a glazed half-conscious state qualifies as greeting the day.

With a commitment to consciousness, I started a new ritual at the new year; scanning seven news feeds during the seven minutes it takes for my good-morning coffee to brew. Fortune, Forbes, and Fast Company. Inc. and Experience Life. Entrepreneur and Success. I’ve seen a number of smart reads lately on meditation and the brain, and how our morning rituals shape both our day, and our long-term success trajectory.

Science, shared opinion, and I agree: Establishing a positive, meditative, mindful morning ritual is good for us, good for business, and good for those we serve.


Dreading morning? Beating up on the clock? Knock it off. Make the snooze button your buddy. Here’s how:

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Thanks a Million – on Gratitude

“What you do if someone gave you a million dollars?”

The Boy has been writing in his journal, doing his homework.  Deep in thought, but now he’s stumped. The Boy is nine.

The Boy is not my boy, but we’re on a friendly first-name basis. He’s half of my favorite father-son team, a couple of rough-and-tumble pulled-up-by-the-bootstraps fellas. They have quite a time, these two. Some tender, some tough-love. Sometimes I get to observe them make their way in the world.

The Boy repeats. “What you do if someone gave you a million dollars?”

Dad shifts his focus from the class he is teaching, focusing on his kid. “You asking me?” asks Dad.

“No. I’m asking me.” The Boy furrows his brow and considers his pencil.

“Well?” prods Dad, “What’s your first best answer?” Read more →