Look, Ma! I got an ISBN!


My First Book! 

“In this concise collection of everyday insight, international speaker Deena Ebbert challenges you to consider the wealth of your learning and ways in which you can spend it to discover valuable and lasting connections. Take advantage of your ah-ha moments and transform sensory input into practical intuitive capital. Stimulate your brain, broaden your perspective, and build community with the engaging heart/mind considerations encountered in #47ThingsILearned.”


My “race number” (aka ISBN). It took me 47 years to get it, so you can bet your sweet bippy I wrote it on my arm in Sharpie!

What people are saying…

“…inspiring, positive, uplifting and funny. Deena Ebbert’s combination of the profound and the humorous is pure literary genius.”
~ Teri Christensen, RN, BSN, SSG U.S. Army Reserve, via Amazon review

“…keeping it simple and real… I have found what propels me and it is changing my life… Cant wait for the next book.”
~ Alicia, via Amazon review

“This insightful and fun little book is packed with wisdom — upbeat and charming…”
~ Deena’s Mom, via Amazon review