Since 2002, I’ve helped organizations, teams, and leaders worldwide increase employee retention, improve customer service, and create sustainable “best of class” success in shifting business environments.


I deliver keynotes, facilitate interactive events, and custom-craft internal messaging to smooth mergers, transitions, and brand launches. I inspire and encourage contemplation, collaboration, momentum, and propel people to bring the feeling of “I Love My Job!” to work every day.


The power source at Propellergirl Events,  I speak regularly to audiences around the globe and share insight and inspiration on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


Ignite the imagination, expand perspective, and invite powerful communication in the workplace with international speaker and inspirational author Deena Ebbert. Possessing a keen ability to discover the heart of the matter, Deena conducts customized experiences pointed precisely toward the needs of leadership groups and front-line forces in organizations of all scope and size.

A natural leader, Deena spent fifteen years in cutting-edge Corporate America. There, sought by heads of industry in times of turbulence and change, she worked to envision and influence thriving business cultures. From innovative high-technology start-ups to Fortune 500 powerhouses, Deena built a reputation orchestrating winning environments where top teams flourish.

Dynamic, compelling, and born with a passion for performance honed during seven years singing on the operatic stage, Deena wields humor and honesty to cut through workplace drama. She directs the candid and invigorating conversations that inspire change and set the stage for success.

Speaking worldwide since 2002, and author of the inspirational book #47ThingsILearned, Deena delivers a witty, wry and realistic perspective on ways to empower and motivate through discovery and trust. She redefines “performance”, provoking the audience to step center stage into the spotlight of the workplace and propel positive momentum.

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