“Knowing Deena is like knowing Diana from Wonder Woman. Yes, she is kind, thoughtful, and supportive as part of her everyday personality — but when it’s time to encourage and empower others to change, KAPOW! Propellergirl appears!”

Blair Reyburn, America By Sidecar

Propellergirl Events

Bring the feeling of “I Love My Job!” to work every day.

A keynote with KAPOW! A facilitated day chock-full of insight and interaction. A custom-crafted session to breathe life into your corporate values.

Propellergirl events leverage the conversations of leadership and lasting loyalties, transform company cultures, and create best-of-class differentiation. With Deena you’ll walk away smiling, with tools you can use, and the “You get it, you got it, go get ‘em!” way of being.

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FISH! Philosophy Events

Deena is the world’s leading FISH! presenter.

She’s inspiring, insightful, funny and real. A former professional opera singer with a passion for performance, Deena is a longtime member of corporate America, where she led many top-performing teams.

She understands how to motivate teams through trust and understanding. Deena has a gift for helping you see your work – and life – in a new way, so you can create unprecedented results.

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FANTASTIC program! RAVE reviews!

…everything we wanted it to be and more… 

…they are filled with life again, with a renewed sense of purpose and passion.