“Knowing Deena is like knowing Diana from Wonder Woman. Yes, she is kind, thoughtful, and supportive as part of her everyday personality — but when it’s time to encourage and empower others to change, KAPOW! Propellergirl appears!”

Blair Reyburn, America By Sidecar


Propellergirl Events 

Bring the feeling of “I Love My Job!” to work every day.

Take a life-transforming journey without leaving the room. Deena inspires with perspective-shifting realizations, helping you discover the power already inside you to create a fulfilling work life. She’ll make you the center of the experience so that when it ends, the ideas, motivation, and commitment always stay with you.  With irresistible enthusiasm and irrefutable candor, Deena guides you through challenges critical to success, moving your team forward with trust and confidence. She’ll help you set clear goals and design an action plan with measurable results.

Propellergirl events leverage the conversations of leadership and lasting loyalties, transform company cultures, and create best-of-class differentiation. With Deena you’ll walk away smiling, with tools you can use, and the “You get it, you got it, go get ‘em!” way of being.

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Brand Ambassador

Boost the “Boom!” of your brand.

Enlist Deena to increase the visibility, profitability, and likability of your brand.

As spokesperson, Deena adds influence and relevance to your client connection, and improves staff engagement and commitment.

Decades serving as the face of some of the world’s best-known and most well-loved brands, Deena dives deeper to unpack the meaning and purpose behind your mission, vision, and values.  She’s a longstanding pro at designing and delivering internal and external messaging to maximize positive impact.

Enthusiastic, outgoing, and savvy.  Trusted and credible.  Get people talking with Deena.

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FANTASTIC program! RAVE reviews!

…everything we wanted it to be and more… 

…they are filled with life again, with a renewed sense of purpose and passion.