A concise collection of everyday insight, #47ThingsILearned is a handy how-to for stimulating the brain, broadening perspective, and building community. Reawaken the self with the engaging heart/mind considerations, take advantage of your ah-ha moments, and transform sensory input into practical intuitive capital.

“Once in a while a book comes along that just stops you in your tracks and makes you think, act and believe in yourself. Deena Ebbert’s #47ThingsILearned did just that for me, stop, think, act and believe.”

Randy Robertson, Trindel Insurance Fund

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“This insightful and fun little book is packed with wisdom — upbeat and charming…”

“…inspiring, positive, uplifting and funny. Deena Ebbert’s combination of the profound and the humorous is pure literary genius.”

“…keeping it simple and real… I have found what propels me and it is changing my life… Can’t wait for the next book.”