You have such a gift!! It is thanks to hearing you speak that my professional career is forever altered. People so often search through a lifetime of day jobs without finding a satisfying profession. I already loved my position at Hilton… now I consider myself to be the luckiest guy in the world. Every guest I encounter now represents an opportunity rather than an obligation to provide service.

Matt Irwin – Hilton Hotels

If you haven’t invited Deena to speak to your organization…you should. She ROCKS! She has an energy level that is infectious, and a message that will resonate with any audience. If you have been walking around your offices wondering where the passion and excitement has gone, STOP and contact Deena. I promise you your people will leave Deena excited, happy, and with a renewed sense of purpose. Oh, and I’ll bet you see a measurable increase in productivity – if that sort of thing matters to you.

Michael McGuire, D.Sc. – Bayer

I selected Deena because of her genuine interest in working with this event. She really took the time to understand the why, she is willing to customize the event and make it special, I never felt pressured by her, she is easy to talk with and a great listener, and above all, I know that just as much as I do, she wants the conference to be fantastic!

Daysha E. Pierce – University of Georgia

Her energy and creative delivery were irresistible. Her pacing was perfect and completely responsive to our group…she kept us revved and completely engaged for an entire day – we are still talking about what we learned. A million thanks to you and Deena for providing such an amazing opportunity for us to discover and tap into the transformative powers we have within us. We will never be the same again!

Steve Hansen – Anythink Libraries

BAMM! Home Run! Today I experienced the WOW! factor. You were great! The Breakouts were great! Not only do I feel that the event was a success, but I think we got through to a number of people and I think they get IT now.

Jim Forslund – City of Minneapolis Public Works

Your style and grace are admirable. Our group needed the “human touch”… an awakening of our abilities to use the simple and basic principles of love and life and not be afraid to bring them into the workplace.

Mary Schoenhoff – The Grove

Being young student leaders, for many this was their first time taking part in a real keynote address. You managed to not only capture their attention for the time you spoke, but also kept them thinking well past your presentation.

Ryan-Allen McKinney – Office of Campus Activities, Catholic University of America

Your genuine kindness and care for others, your humble and fun energy… Thank you for everything … you were spot on with all of it!!

Denise Jones – NAPA

… thank you for the fantastic training. You are truly amazing at your work, you take AWESOME to the next level!!

Doug Schnell – Cascade Coffee

You can feel the vibe is different today in the hallways, coffee room and even the swagger in the parking lot as our folks walk into the office!

Karen O’Rourke Zatorski – KPMG

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