A keynote with KAPOW! A facilitated day chock-full of insight and interaction. A custom-crafted session to breathe life into your corporate values.
Propellergirl events leverage the conversations of leadership and lasting loyalties, transform company cultures, and create best-of-class differentiation.
Enliven your day with Deena; you’ll walk away smiling, with tools you can use, and a commitment to the “You get it, you got it, go get ‘em!” way of being.

Propellergirl Events

Discovery Motivator™

The foundation of respect is DISCOVERY.

Convert “change management” to “KAPOW!” in this interactive experience founded on values, respect, and focused discovery. Celebrate diversity, build corporate culture, and involve the organization in a shared vision using lessons from #47ThingsILearned. – Available on Amazon.com

The Ninja Network™

The antidote for isolation is INTERACTION.

Engage with the everyday heroes who have niche expertise and have our backs, using four tenets:

Know • Rely • Trust • Honor

Unearth self-awareness and interest in community, foster volunteerism and confidence, leverage expertise and overcome obstacles, and own your role in paying it forward.

Propel Leadership™

The fuel for success is LEADERSHIP.

Create steady winners in a shifting world full of competition, communication gaps, and no maps, using four guideposts:

Contemplation • Collaboration • Momentum • Propulsion

Plot a route and enlist across all levels.  Recognize unique leadership contributions. Elevate the whole to “systems go”. Ignite your organization with practical applications that can be installed today and deployed tomorrow.

Propellergirl events provide the “You get it, you got it, you get ‘em!” feeling organizations seek. Together with Deena, you will:

Encourage independent thought.
Actuate the power of teamwork.
Motivate collective confidence.
Promote best-practice sharing.
Advance pride in community.
Shape resilience in the face of chaos.
Boost organizational agility.
Prompt fearless optimism.
Cheer one another via specificity of praise.
Back by popular demand! Deena is an incredible presenter. Our organization has requested Deena’s expertise three times in the past two years. She is compelling, personable, enthusiastic, motivating and inspiring to everyone who crosses her path. She partnered with us in developing content for all levels of our organization before, during and after each event – ensuring we adapted appropriately to our audiences. On a personal level, Deena is one of the most honest human beings I have ever met. You are guaranteed a successful event with Deena on your team – her attention to detail and compassion for sensitive subjects helps change organizational culture and ultimately brings the fun back to everyday jobs. — Lisa Tatelbaum, Health Quest

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