Bring the feeling of “I Love My Job!” to work every day. Deena Ebbert is Propellergirl: Speaker and Spokesperson. Consultant and Coach. Organizational Development and Emotional Intelligence Expert. Author of #47ThingsILearned.

Decades serving as the face of some of the world’s best-known and most well-loved brands, and speaking worldwide since 2002, Deena dives deeper to unpack the meaning and purpose behind your mission, vision, and values. She’s a longstanding pro at designing and delivering internal and external messaging to maximize positive impact.

What Propels You?

“I can still picture how Deena invigorates a massive audience and transforms culture from the first moment she steps on stage. I had the pleasure to learn who Deena truly is as she probed details of our company in preparation for an employee engagement stint. She truly cares about the organization’s journey, present and future, its promise to employees and customers. She leverages operational key leaders to open doors for executive buy-in instantly. Through her contagious euphoria, Deena helps people at every level see the future and the behaviors that elevate a company’s brand. She even checks-in beyond her services to make sure the content is integrated. Deena is amazing!!! Propellergirl is a lifelong relationship.”

Melissa Ferrer-Smith, Forward-Thinking Leveraged Solutions

Oh man… She rocked it!

…captivating, funny, serious, real…

…the best speaker they’ve ever heard….EVER!!!

Personal Branding – Shake It Up

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Keep Calm and Redball On

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On Self-Care

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