Yes! Girls are Ninjas too!

Every once in awhile, while I continue to percolate on the edit for The Ninja Network book, I get a note from someone who has been patiently waiting for publication… reminding me of the potent power of Ninja.

Today’s provocation, from a parent:
“My kids are very into Ninjago (Lego ninjas) right now. They’ve been playing the video games and watching the movie and we suddenly realized that there are no females.  When my daughter asked if a girl can be a ninja, I could say without hesitation – absolutely yes!  They seem to make the best ninjas I know.  All your fault. Thanks.”
~ Jess, parent of “boy child” and “girl child”, aged 4andahalfno5 and almost7.

Seemed only fitting Jess’ kids be inducted as Ninja-in-Training.

Aware ~ Brave ~ Curious ~ Discreet ~ Encouraging ~ Focused ~ Generous ~ Helpful ~ Interested ~ Jovial ~ Kind ~ Loving ~ Masterful ~ Noble ~ Observant ~ Patient ~ Quick ~ Reliable ~ Strong ~ Virtuous ~ Willing ~ eXpert ~ Youthful ~ Zestful

The Ninja Network is all about bringing your gift and deploying it boldly.  Being aware, confident, responsible, grateful, and having at least one adventure every day.

Who can be Ninja?  Girls, Boys, Parents, Kids, Friends, Co-workers, Neighbors, Pets… quite frankly, everyone.  Every. Single. One.

Especially kitties.  Ninja Kitties.

So well trained in what we do, that we can help you.