Hope. The essential spark to stay in the game. Part Three of the series with International Speaker and FISH! trainer Deena Ebbert, talking about components of winning workplace cultures. 

“When we have hope, we believe that something good is going to happen and that we can positively impact our organizations, our culture, our families, our communities. Hope is like a vitamin. To be healthy and successful, we have to take it every day.

“Do we all have moments of hopelessness? You bet. Who doesn’t put their head on their desk once in awhile and have a good cry for a minute? That happens in all aspects of our lives. But then you lift your head back up and get back to work.”

Restoring hope, together

“Sometimes we encounter a long string of disappointments or injustices. When that happens, people may still go to work every day but they don’t bring any hope with them. That’s not good for them or the organization. What do we do then?

“When I run out of hope, I rely on the people around me. I’ll say, ‘My cup is empty. Can you hook me up with some hope?’ And they pat me on the back. They give me a wonderful compliment. They show they care about me and believe in me. That’s the spark I need to get back in the game.

“Hope is also remembering other people need me. They depend on me. So it’s up to me to Be There for them and Make Their Day—to recharge their hope and belief.

“When you take a little time to be kind to others, to lift their spirits, it restores your sense of hope and purpose. That’s why hope is a value we create together. It’s the vitamin teams need to succeed.”

As told to Phil Strand / Image PROPS to StockSnap