Published! #47ThingsILearned

What propels me?  Timely Truths, Amusing Musings, and Fun Profundities.

#47ThingsILearned is published!  It is available through Amazon in both a paperback and Kindle version.  I have one of each, but must own up to preferring paper.  I like to dog-ear, notate, scribble in, doodle over, and chew on books.

Publishing has been a marathon, a quest with an International Standard Book Number at the finish line.  It took me 47 years to get it, and I freely admit to scrawling my “race number” (aka ISBN) on my arm with a sharpie, proudly, and going to the gym for several hours to burn off the adrenaline of authorship.  I have also danced like Snoopy from Peanuts.  And celebrated with PIE!

I like #47ThingsILearned, and I hope you do too.  I’m going back in.  Watch for #47LearningsForLeaders.  Soon!