Ask. Encourage. Listen. Share.

A conversation with Master FISH! Facilitator Deena Ebbert, on ways to build relationships and strengthen connections through “Be There”;  the first in our four-part series. 

The other day I was looking at my original copy of the FISH! book – the one I’ve been dragging around for 20 years – and something really stood out to me. On the cover it says, “A Remarkable Way”‘.  Let’s deep dive into the remarkable ways we can connect with other people, to build those relationships and strengthen those connections.  Today, we’ll explore “Be There”.

There are many ways to communicate, even when we’re at a distance. You can go high-tech: call on the phone or through an app, use your social media channels, send a cute video. You can go old-school; write a note or card to mail or even slip under the door,  get some sidewalk chalk and go out and write a note for someone – whether you know them or not – that’s inspiring or amusing or uplifting. Whether it’s old-school or high-tech, when you do make that connection with someone, look at four ways that you can truly create a flourishing relationship:

ASK – Ask people, “How are you? What’s going on with you? Tell me I’m interested.” Everyone has a story to tell.  If you are caring and attentive, that story will be told to you.

ENCOURAGE – You can encourage. You can say to people, “I believe in you. I see what you do in the world. I know that in the past you’ve experienced wonderful things. I believe that that will continue to happen in the future.” Encouragement is contagious.

LISTEN – You can listen authentically. One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is the full focus of your intentional connection. Enthusiastic listening is the foundation of many a long-lasting relationship.

SHARE – You can share what’s in you.  Whether it’s your hopes, your fears, or your secrets to success, being unvarnished and approachable are fundamental in bringing the gift of you to the world.

Because what we’re doing when we’re being there with another person, whether we’re physically sharing a space or if we’re maintaining six feet of distance, is bridging that gap by being attentive and accessible and noticing them.

Ask. Encourage. Listen. Share.  A great place to start.

Check out the video conversation on YouTube.

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  • Deena Ebbert says:

    Whether you’re going hi-tech or old-school, tell me how you are practicing Be There! I’m interested!