Creating an oasis in the midst of chaos is vital in our work and world. Here, talking with International Speaker and FISH! trainer Deena Ebbert,  we explore how care, appreciation, trust, and love leads to healthier workplaces. Read on for Part Four of the culture series. 

“It’s easy to feel frantic these days. Whether it’s news or social media, there’s a lot of noise and distraction. Sometimes the turbulence is happening in our own organizations, especially when we are facing change.

“The noise and turbulence are not going to slow down. But you can slow down.

“To find calm, you have to be proactive. You have to prepare yourself, same as you’d prepare for any challenging task. It starts with being mindful of your feelings and emotions throughout the day. That helps you respond more effectively to what’s coming at you, instead of having over-the-top reactions when things don’t go your way.”

Finding calm as a team

“It’s just as important for teams to be prepared for turbulence and change. Understand what your assets are. Know who your allies are. Invite more people to share their thoughts and ideas. You need everyone’s voice.

“Most important, take care of the people around you. When you are there for each other, supporting and showing appreciation, you’re building trust. When change or crisis hits, trust is what will carry you through it.

“Helping people find the calm they need to be most effective looks different from person to person. Some people need quiet and space. Others find their calm in activity and busyness. There’s a place for both of these types; they just probably shouldn’t sit next to each other! The key is to Be There for each of them in a way that helps them be their best.”

Practice self care

“To find calm, we have to set aside our fear and our egos. Often we overwork ourselves and don’t take the time off we need because we are afraid we’ll be less effective. Instead, we wear ourselves down to nothing—and we end up being less effective. We have to take care of ourselves.

“Without calm, you won’t find wellness. You have to be healthy to help others. Be There for yourself. Make your own day once in a while. It’s better for you, better for your organization and better for the people you love.”

As told to Phil Strand / Image PROPS to kerttu

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