Relax. Reimagine. Replenish.

“Play.” The change of pace that makes all your hard work fall into place. Part three in our series A Remarkable Way, with FISH! Philosopher Deena Ebbert

Determination, courage, and the grit to get-it-done.  Since the dawn of time, humans have combined these elements to successfully deal with stressful situations.  Let’s look at one more thing we can put into the mix to make it all really work: Play.

RELAX – Play is a great way to let off some steam, especially if you have been gritty and determined in getting all the stuff done. Taking some time to actively play promotes balance; smoothing stressors and inspiring creative problem-solving ability and emotional wellbeing.

REIMAGINE – We all fall somewhere on the spectrum of play. We each have our own idea of what play looks like, from wild to mild. If you feel a little overwhelmed by play, or like you’ve run into a rut, we’ve imagined up a few for you:

  • You can dress up in silly costumes to get the mail or take out the trash.
  • You can work in the garden and create a sanctuary.
  • You can watch that goofy movie that’s been on your list since forever.
  • You can cook, you can paint, you can draw, you can dance, you can sing.
  • You can do something as simple as going out in the yard and throwing the ball for the dog.

REPLENISH – Give yourself permission to laugh! Because laughter is superb medicine that boosts immunity and productivity, and refills the cup of optimism. And lightheartedness tends to be infectious, so you might help somebody else laugh, too.

Consider how powerful it is to take some time to play, because truly that’s just smart self-care. Thrive. Play.

On behalf of your friends at FISH!, thanks for being part of the conversation. If you’d like to share with us creative ways that you like to play, we’re always looking for great new ideas.

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