Four Ways to Find Your Happy with the FISH! Philosophy

I heard them before I saw them; the gales of happy laughter made me pause. Eavesdropping was irresistible; I sat nearby and listened to their enthusiastic plans.

“Yay!” I thought, “I’m surrounded by happy people!”

I dove into the din of delight.

“Okay ladies, it’s obvious you love what you do…so what do you do?”

I learned it was a group of Origami Owl Designers on their way to National Convention, which – as the kids say these days – gave me all the happy! Because I was on my way to the same place. We introduced ourselves and complimented each other and exchanged stories and contact information, making commitments to collaborate. We took a group photo with a selfie stick. All in few happy minutes.

Origami Owl Besties

Want to know how to “find your happy”?
Ask these Origami Owl besties!

They got me thinking about bringing happiness to work, so I took another look at the “Who Are You Being?” module from FISH! for Leaders, which outlines four ways to find your happy:

Find what energizes you.
When we feel the rush of adrenaline that puts a smile on our face, we become a beacon, creating an environment of invitation. The world becomes a brighter place, where opportunity is more visible.

Find what makes you proud.
We take pride in the work that we do, and when someone appreciates it, it makes us feel worthwhile. Our sense of accomplishment encourages others and fosters successful teams.

Connect to your purpose.
When we realize our intentions have impact, we extend boundless benefits. Our positivity is influential exponentially. Being a force for good is good for our hearts, our communities, and our businesses.

Know your values.
Whether it’s friends and family, innovation and opportunity, leadership and unity, or any of our personal promises to the future, understanding why we get out of bed in the morning is a great way to ensure we’ll do so with a smile on our face. It’s about who we’re being, while we’re doing what we’re doing.

Find your happy. Put your arms around it and live it every day.

With PROPS to you super-happy gals at MSP! You absolutely made my day!

love, Propellergirl


PS – I give a hoot about you!  Let’s connect:

One Comment

  • I wish we would have gotten there earlier to Convention but the Chicago traffic took us 2 hours to go 22 miles. But Marcia Cota suggested your site to me to get some of what you talked about at the Find Your Happy, Origami Owl, Chicago Convention 2015! I’m loving your website. Taking it all in. One thing I have always done is smile while on the telephone you can hear whether the other person is smiling and if you keep smiling they will start smiling it’s contagious!