Tightly Wound and Fully Packed

By January 6, 2009Wanderings

International Travel Log

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 7.16.40 PM
It has JUST become crystal clear to me that I am in the midst of the last-minute rush. I’m sporadically and spastically calling in people to do errands for me while I pack everything I own that is either black, blue, or grey into my two suitcases.

I am humbled and grateful that my client has been gracious enough to accommodate all of my last-minute scheduling requests, and I’ve posted an updated itinerary under “Schedule of Events”.

What else? I have no idea… my head is spinning!

Oh! Here’s Kellee at my door with a hot cup of Firefly coffee and some perspective! I’d better go let her in… she’s good for slapping the sense back into me.